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One of the more familiar Bethany Beach landmarks through the years has been the Addy Sea (the name of the original Addy summer cottage).This stately home on the Northern edge of town was built in 1902 by Mr. John Matthew Addy, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania plumbing supplier and the patriarch of the Addy family. It was built as a family home and remained that way until 1935 when it became a boarding house. The house was a show place, not only for its location and stateliness, but for the modem conveniences it offered the early guests like bathrooms, indoor plumbing and carbide lamps which were all shipped by railroad from Pittsburgh to Rehoboth Beach and then barged to Bethany Beach via the inland canal system.

Mr. Addy drilled through solid bed rock to provide the home and others in the area with fresh, pure well water. The Addy Sea was a great success as a boarding house and with the plethora of local fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables, breakfast and dinner were events to be savored. Following the storm of 1927, the house was moved back from the sea and the old foundations were left on the beach. They became an ideal gathering place for beach parties where fires could be built and hot dogs and marshmallows toasted. Over time the sands covered the old foundations.

Over the next 70 years, the Addy Sea, outbuildings and properties passed on to the children and grandchildren of John and Jennie Addy. It continued to be run as a boarding house by Edward and Martha Jean Addy until it was sold to Mr. Leroy Gravatte in 1974.

Addy Sea circa 1904 Perry Cottage In Background.

Addy Sea Circa 1905

Addy Sea Circa 1915

Addy Sea

Mr. & Mrs John M. Addy standing at left front wagon wheel circa 1905

Mr. & Mrs John M. Addy at far right holding his hat on circa 1905

Addy Sea circa 1904 & Cottage now relocated next to Grottos Pizza on Rt 26.

Addy Sea circa 1910

Mr. John M. Addy holding his hat
Mrs. Jennie Addy behind little girl

Addy Sea circa 1904

Addy Sea group photo

Surf Fishing

Addy Sea Neighbors

Addy Sea in background

Addy Sea 1942 Photo donated by the DALE HARMAN FAMILY Photo shows The Addy Sea with my great-grandmother (far right) and 2 friends.

Photo donated by the DALE HARMAN FAMILY Circa 1955

Photo donated by the DALE HARMAN FAMILY Circa 1955

Postcard postmarked August 22, 1962 Addy Sea in the background Donated by the DALE HARMAN FAMILY

The Addy Sea In the 1960's.

Addy Sea and the original DINGHY CARRIAGE HOUSE that we used for storage. The picture is from the 1970's.
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